Santa Claus

WOW!! These kids have had a great time with Santa

this year!! Here are a few of the special moments Mercer

ha s captured with Santa.



Ben McKinney

Mercer and I had the pleasure of photographing Ben McKinney, son of Britt and Mark McKinney of Lincolnton Georgia a few days before Christmas. Ben deserves a gold star for being such a good sport. He not only was having his picture made he was also have it made in the freezing cold.  The day we were photographing Ben it was about 47 degrees and the wind was blowing about 15 miles an hour.  Believe me it was fridge, but he never once complained.  We got incredible images of him. I know he made his mom proud, So hats off to Ben!! Way to go!!!




Save Miss India

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Blake Daniel

Coach Mark Richt, Look out there is an up and coming kicker in the future and he may just be from Eatonton Georgia.  Mercer and I had the pleasure of photographing Blake today.  Blake is the 2 year old son of Roger and Lorraine Daniel of Eatonton.  This little man has a leg on him!!!  We had a ball as Blake showed off his kicking and throwing skills.  You bulldog fans lookout we may have an up and coming star!


A Day With The Ducks

Down In The Country With Anna

Anna Berryman of Elberton has an excellent take on life.  That’s live it to its fullest and live it like you like it not how everybody else want you to.  She definitely is a relaxed an free spirit.  Thanks Anna for a great afternoon of fun!

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